Walking backwards on the city's second ring road
Location: Chengdu second ring road Time: 20.4.2013
The Second Ring Road is the main road of Chengdu city, and the city is constantly renovating it, so the traffic is blocked for a long time, and the residents on both sides of the road are not convenient when the road is being rebuilt. Therefore, many people often see questions about whether the expansion of the city is good or bad.
I took my doubts with me on a second ring road trip. I walked backwards, 18.3 kilometers, and it took me eight hours.
With fetal heartbeat sound
And the sound of my heartbeat ensemble
Materials: Video, guitar, heartbeat instrument, wooden box, water tank.
Duration: 13 minutes
Thank you: my wife, Pu Yumei, my daughter, Chen Ichiro
Implementation process:
1. Collect the fetal heart sounds of my daughter in my wife's belly when she was 19 weeks old.
2. In the art museum, I invited my friends to play improvisational music with me. My instrument was my heart sound, and finally, my daughter's heart sound was played with me.
I frantically made sounds so that my daughter's heart beat in unison with the sounds of the world. I beat with the sounds of the wooden box until I was exhausted.
Writing the "voice"
Location:Ullens Center for Contemporary Art Time:27.11.2012

On the way to Beijing to participate in the exhibition, I recorded some "sound scenery" along the road, uploaded the sound to the Internet after arriving at the exhibition hall, and wrote the website on the wall of the exhibition with the soil in front of the museum as a brush

One nation, two systems,One fruit,two seeds
Address:Macao、HongKong、China Time:14-21.03.2013
Eat an orange in HongKong ,Remove two seeds ,one seed in HongKong ,another seed in Shenzhen.
Eat an apple in Macao,Remove two seeds,one seed in Macao,another seed in Shenzhen.

Location: Chengdu Metro Line 1 Material: Guitar Thanks: Zhang Yu
In the afternoon, I take the subway with my guitar on my back, sleep in the subway (I have the habit of taking a nap), wake up and get off the subway, (no matter what station), get off the subway and sleep on the dream into a song, and perform in the subway.
Born free
Materials: Sunscreen
Time: 1 hour
Location: Zoige
At 3,840 meters, write "Born Free" on your back with sunscreen. And expose your back to the sun for an hour! Finally, his back was tanned, and only four light letters could be seen
Tank and the Ant
Ingredients: Cake, toothpick. Duration: 3 hours 2014
Buy cakes in the market and make them into small tank sculptures and place them near ant dens until they disappear!
Materials: Pencil, light 2015
Mosquitoes were found dead on the walls of the gallery
So I made guesses about how his life was going, and I painted them on the wall right next to him, and I showed them.
What do I believe in? I'm worried about my next meal, and I know you'll say I'm wrong about this, but we're really hungry
Ingredients: Potato, ham sausage, apple, French fries, bread, cake, rice, onion 2014
Save a bite of food to go to all the churches in Dusseldorf (about a dozen) sculpture sketch, carve churches! French fries, bread, ham sausage, Li Zi, onion, rice, potatoes, etc.
I've been hanging around churches in Dusseldorf, using my personal situation to make this work, which has been two weeks and counting! .
Mona Lisa
Materials: Wallet, paper money, tablet'
Anecdote: The night before we visited the Louvre, the tour guide kept reminding us there are many thieves in the Louvre. Most of them suit up and you will never recognize him or her, especially in front of the Mona Lisa, where is very crowded and most easy to loose things. On our first day, I found there are lots of cheats at the Eiffel Tower. Fortunately I cannot speak foreign language and they never get a chance!
Operation: Leave only one RMB 100 bill in my wallet and put the wallet in my left pocket casually. Put my mobile in my right pocket. Then copy the Mona Lisa in the Louvre by ipad software with my full attention for 15 minutes. The end: After I finished, I found my wallet stolen, mobile safe. I kept silent and went on visiting the Louvre